5 Retaining Wall Blocks Designs that Will Make Your House Look Great

Retaining walls are used for various purposes, including landscaping, building retaining walls, and creating privacy fences. They can also be used to create outdoor seating areas, garden beds, and even swimming pools.

The Corner Block Design.

This design is one of the simplest and easiest to construct. It consists of two blocks stacked vertically with mortar between them.

The Rectangular Block Design.

This design uses four rectangular blocks stacked together. The top block has a notch cut into it so that the next block fits snugly against it.

The Square Block Design.

This design uses two square blocks with a space between them. It creates a nice visual balance as well as a strong vertical line.

The Curved Block Design.

A curved block design is one of the easiest ways to make a retaining wall look more interesting. It also gives the appearance of being taller than it actually is.

The Sloped Block Design.

This design has a sloping top edge with a flat bottom. It looks very similar to a brick wall.

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