How to Choose an Accounting Firm?

How to Choose an Accounting Firm in Toowoomba

Choosing an accountant is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make in business. It’s also one of the most difficult because there are so many options available.

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve put together this guide on how to choose an accountant.

Can I Talk to Past Clients?

You should never hire an accountant without talking to past clients. Ask them about their experiences with the accountant and whether they would recommend him/her. If possible, ask for references.

Is There Any Training Available?

Accountants must pass exams before being licensed by the state. These tests are designed to test your knowledge of accounting principles and procedures. They also test your ability to apply those principles and procedures to real life situations.

Will They Be Able to Help Me Grow My Business?

You should ask yourself some questions when selecting an accountant.

First, do they specialize in small business accounting? If so, then they will likely be able to help you with your bookkeeping needs.

Second, how much experience do they have? Do they have any certifications?

Third, how quickly can they respond to your requests?

Fourth, how well do they communicate?

Finally, how much does their fee structure vary based on the size of your company?

Does the Accountant Have Good References?

A good accountant has references. They’re not just going to give you a list of clients who paid them more than $10,000. Instead, they’ll provide you with a list of clients who were satisfied with their services.

Ask them for names and contact information of past clients. Then call those people and ask them about their experiences with the accountant.

Are Their Fees Reasonable?

You should also consider how much work the accountant will do for you. If you need help preparing tax returns, you might only need a few hours of assistance per year.

However, if you need help setting up a new business, you might need several hours of assistance every month.

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